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What Made Cheapair To Resume Its Alliance With New Bitcoin Payment Processor?

What Made Cheapair To Resume Its Alliance With New Bitcoin Payment Processor?

Cheapair, which is an online travel agency, disclosed that it had resumed ticket purchases with the help of bitcoins. The move comes in the wake of an indefinite suspension announced a few days back. That was because of a number of issues cropping up thus resulting in Coinbase discontinuing its support to the service. The company is keen to promote the cryptocurrencies and started accepting other virtual currencies too. The move assumed significance due to the company’s quick processing method and the acceptance of new age instrument.

Disagreements With Exchange

On July 13, CheapAir declared the suspension of accepting bitcoins due to disagreements with Coinbase though it has been working closely with the exchange since 2013. However, the indefinite suspension is withdrawn after the company struck a new tactical alliance with BTCPayServer. CheapAir CEO, Jeff Klee, indicated in his press statement that he was not aware of the payment processor and the new agreement happened due to the recommendations from the community. He expressed the confidence that the new strategic alliance will enhance the user experience and service.

The new agreement is an important development for several factors. That is because CheapAir is one of the most popular companies engaged in travel agencies and promoting cryptos within the digital currency community. It is undoubtedly a serious rival to other agencies in the sector in both the fiat-based and crypto-based payments. The primary reason behind it is the kind of services it provides and the potential price comparison apart from the speed with which it could process virtual currency payments, reported.

The CEO commented, “Not only does BTCPayServer enable us to circumvent BitPay’s controversial BIP-70 wallet requirement, but, after the Coinbase situation, we find it really liberating to no longer be dependent on a third party. We now have much more control of the process, which has made possible faster, more efficient order processing.” He expressed the confidence of doing a better job in managing even the occasional anomalies that are historical in digital currency payments.

Klee thanked those who have involved in creating a great product in BTCPayServer. The company believes that the alliance is beneficial for the users too. However, there will be one main issue that a common user will encounter with the payment processor. Any user is obligated to use a wallet that is compatible with the protocol of BitPay. Currently, there are only a few wallets supporting the standard of BIP-70. This means the user will have to download a specific wallet.

Accepting Other Coins

The cheapair team also disclosed that they have started to accept other digital coins such as Litecoin (LTC) or Dash (DASH) and Bitcoin cash (BCH). The company indicated that they are dependent on GoCoin so that it could boost the acceptance base of virtual currencies.

In any case, it is quite clear that the travel agency is committed towards the cryptocurrencies and the potential it has to internationalize the economy. The CEO indicated that there was never a thought of removing the crypto option from its services and that made them strike a deal in quick time.