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Merchant Payment Processing platform “Ethos Bed Rock” set up by Payroc and Ethos

Merchant Payment Processing platform “Ethos Bed Rock” set up by Payroc and Ethos

Merchant payment processing will receive a boost with a key partnership between Payroc and Ethos, two of the industry leaders in payment processing and cryptocurrency services. The alliance will be called ‘Ethos Bedrock’ and will have Payroc as a payment gateway.

Merchant Button

The ‘Pay with Crypto’ button will be present on the merchant website, and users will be able to transact using the same. The alternative payment methods such as cash payment are also available with this feature. The bundled package – Payroc is the merchant service as well as payment processing which is available for all users with the

The technology Officer at Payroc, Jared Poulson shared that the companies’ partnership with Ethos will usher in traditional payment methods to Payroc, even as users explore new digital currencies.

Poulson said, “Our merchants will be able to accept payments via traditional credit cards, ACH, PayPal and now popular cryptocurrencies. We have been tracking Ethos for quite some time. Their commitment and vision of bringing the benefits of blockchain technology to the mass market align with Payroc’s culture of innovation, trust, and stability.”

The use of this merchant processing payment system will allow customers to pay for all types of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash, ether, Ethos token. The platform is secure and allows users to manage keys, coins, and wallets without any fear of intrusion.

The use of the Bedrock platform on Ethos is that blockchain can be abstracted and cryptocurrencies, litecoin, and even ripple connected.

The advantages of this type of payment method are the real-time payment feature. It allows crypto wallets, merchants to participate on the platform and change their payment methods and transactions by converting from one to the other currency seamlessly. The other advantage is that there is no exposure to risks of chargeback. too is excited about the opportunity the collaboration will provide. The organization’s Chief Executive Officer, Shingo Lavine says that, by working with the industry leader, the crypto has added a new dimension to its accessibility feature for consumers. Payroc brings to the partnership curated services in the payment processing platform among merchants and hence it delivers on increased user experience and satisfaction. At another level, it is seen as a process which is interested in bringing the currency to the masses. The partnership will ensure that Payroc will optimize the service spectrum for its users on an ongoing basis.

The immediate advantages users will have on the platform is the ability to make instantaneous payments. For this purpose, they may deploy multiple wallets because the Bedrock is built for conversion of currencies as part of the transactional ecosystem.

Platform for the masses

The advantage of the process is to ‘bring cryptocurrency to the masses.’  The process for payment by the official partnership method is that the digital currency is the ‘best-in-class’ in payment processing service.

Ethos-io is a people-powered platform for blockchain and continually focuses on the expansion of its usage among users from different parts of the region.

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