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Buying Luxe goods with Cryptos made easy with Dadiani Syndicate

Buying Luxe goods with Cryptos made easy with Dadiani Syndicate

Branded goods, luxury products, and expensive assets are now being bought more frequently with alternate coins if mega coinist Eleesa Dadiani’ Syndicate platform performance in recent times is any indication.

Dadiani Syndicate is a multi-currency platform, and perhaps UK’s first crypto brokerage set up for exclusive purposes of buy and selling high net-worth luxury products and assets of the real world. The syndicate’s platform is being used for selling real-world assets from – bullion to yachts, bloodstock to rear cars and even multiple Formula 1 cars, valued at 4 million British Pounds in Litecoin crypto on Dadiani Syndicate.

Neo-International trade driving crypto usage

For pioneering brokerage firms such as Dadiani’s Syndicate, the purpose of the platform is to redefine the old ways of universal currency trading that gold and silver offered back in historical times.  Liberal business owners such as her are keen on pursuing a platform which allows borderless trade.

But they are not anti-system either. Thus, her lot straddle both sides of the digital trading divide. These neo-international traders are liberalists who see a great future with using decentralized currencies such as cryptocurrency. The first step towards aiding this adaption of alternate currency is the all-inclusive trading platform – Dadiani Syndicate.

According to Dadiani, “A couple of years ago, when we saw bitcoin perform as well as it did, there was no way to use those coins.”

In order to address the gap between owning rich BTC and buying luxury assets, she thought of building a solution which allows rich owners of bitcoin on the screen to own something more tangible other than ICOs.

Her forays into existing solutions ended in ‘Nothing.’ Her explorations of the available technologies finally resulted in her creating new infrastructure.

The solution, the woman coin broker, built was a platform which allowed people to monetize their digital wealth.  The gallery owner used her connections with highly placed individuals and members of the jet set to sell or buy private jets, luxury products in an environment which was safe.  “Trust protocol,”   was what she wanted to create.  The resulting solution was, “a syndicate, a platform of clients and dealerships.

The bottom line of the cryptocurrency syndicate she points out is that trading of this kind needs a cognitive shift.

Cognitive shift

The crypto broker says, “Cryptocurrency requires a cognitive shift. People need to understand why cryptocurrency should be adopted wider, integrated into our existing way of life, for gradual change.”

The Syndicate has found its niche buyers, thankfully for Dadiani. The clients arriving here are aged between 20 and 70 years. They are the pioneer consumers who see an ‘opportunity’ and want to explore it, more for purposes of technology exploitation and not as a matter of life and necessity.  The line-up of such crypto-brokers is on the increasing world over. Another American broker is Elizabeth White who says that the sales on this platform were typically by sellers who are also investors of cryptocurrencies and are interested in accepting the volatility in terms of holding for the short or the long term. They also do not have to worry about expenses and the cost of goods.

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